Trays and displays

Relish Display

Baby pickles, assorted olives, capers, pickeled peppers

Veggie Display

Baby carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, yellow bell peppers, asparagus, yellow and red cherry tomatoes, celery sticks, roasted red pepper dip


Assorted olives, artichoke hearts, roasted bell peppers, pickled peppers, assorted cheeses, salami, prosciutto

Sub Sandwich Display

Deli sliced meats, tomatoes, assorted cheeses, red onions, lettuce, condiments

Fruit Cascade

Sliced seasonal fruit and berries

Minted fresh fruit cocktail

Diced pineapple, assorted melons, red grapes, seasonal berries, fresh mint

Deli Display

Black forest ham, smoked turkey, assorted sliced cheeses, roma tomatoes, red onions, chiffonade romaine, dollar rolls, mayo, dijon mustard

Dessert Display

Classic brownies, assorted cookies, almond bark strawberries

Bar Bites

Brownies with almond bark drizzle, kitchen carrot cake, lemon, raspberry crunch, 7 layer, etc.

Domestic & Artisan Cheese Tray

Assorted cheeses served with crackers and garnished with fresh berries