Chicken Wings
Flavors include mahogany, buffalo, lime pepper

Jamaican, Hoisin BBQ and plain

Pulled bbq pork or chicken, mini cubans,

ancho chili sloppy joes and assorted tea sandwiches

Beef kabobs with red onions, sweet bell peppers,

and mushrooms

Smokie Joes
Hoisin BBQ and Plain

Mahogany chicken and thai chicken satays

Flavors include: Italian, Hoisin BBQ and swedish

Deviled ham, egg and bacon, stuffed endive, roma boats, mini capres skewers, sunshine wasabi shrimp and dill, beef tenderloin,  gravlax and smoked salmon

Tapanade, bruchetta, Mediterranean,

southwest, sweet pepper, sunshine Thai, avacado, spicy shrimp

Coin Wraps
Southwest, Mediterranean, basil pesto,

rice paper veggie, rice paper turkey or shrimp

Chesapeake Crab Cakes
With corn coulis and chive oil

Gourmet Chips
Pita chips, assorted tortillas and assorted potato chips

Homemade Dips
Jazzy garden tomato salsa, pineapple mango salsa, chunky guacamole, assorted hummus, butter milk ranch